Wolf Creek Engineering is focused on distinguishing our work through trust, innovation and craftsmanship. We foster trust through experience, deliver innovation by building on success, and exhibit craftsmanship through studied execution


We understand the level of trust involved when our clients task us with developing a restoration design and shepherding that concept into reality. Our actions and the resulting outcomes are targeted to respect, justify and enhance that trust. Through mastering our trade and extending our knowledge we are able to conceptualize unique and effective solutions. With focused attention to details and a thorough understanding of each project we are able to formulate viable plans and minimize uncertainties. Collectively these factors cultivate a personal commitment to each project and contribute to the level of trust and confidence that clients place in our team.

03-Chris and Gus working through construction issues


We go beyond the standard-of-practice to formulate new and creative solutions for complex habitat and morphologic challenges. We use the experience that is gained from successful projects to fashion original solutions to challenging and sometimes intimidating problems. We understand that each project is unique and requires customized solutions, each species of concern has distinctive habitat requirements, and every project stakeholder has a voice in the outcome.


Wolf Creek Engineering is committed to bringing together the competing interests of each project in order to produce results that demonstrate a level of craftsmanship that is unequalled in the ecological restoration field. Our attention is focused on creating sites that provide the highest degree of form and function, narrow the gap of temporal losses, and that enhance the trajectory of natural recovery


Wolf Creek Engineering strives to provide a balanced approach to restoration design by incorporating both sound engineering and biological principals to facilitate long-term success. Through training and experience we have developed a firm grasp of stream hydrology, stream morphology, soil bioengineering, application of stream classification methodologies, and natural channel design. Our design experience includes projects in the mountain, piedmont, and coastal plain physiographic provinces on streams with a variety of geomorphic expressions including single-thread and anastomosed patterns, gravel and sand bed material, and rural and urban watersheds. Our project team has extensive experience in every aspect of the development of ecosystem restoration projects including the following list of services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Assessment
  • Reference Reach Analysis
  • Natural Channel Design
  • Wetland Design
  • Permitting
  • Preparation of Construction Documents
  • Project Cost Estimates
  • Construction Observation

Our Vision

Founded in 2005, Wolf Creek Engineering was established with the goal of building an engineering and environmental consulting practice that would be a market leader in innovative designs and client service. In pursuit of this goal we have focused on developing stream and wetland restoration projects that add value to society and the natural environment. With each new challenge we continue to seek opportunities to go beyond conventional approaches in order to maximize natural functions, improve habitat, protect existing natural resources and engage the broader community in experiencing the natural environment.