Project History

The Chadric Creek Site is located in Surry County in the western piedmont of North Carolina. The restoration site was developed in coordination with a Level IV Rosgen Course and used to demonstrate design and construction principles to the class. The two main streams, Chadric Creek and Saddle Mountain Creek suffered from a variety of stressors.  Past land-use practices included the construction of a dam and pond at the confluence to the two channels. The majority of base flow from Chadric Creek was diverted into the pond with the remainder of the flow being captured in a pipe and discharge downstream of the dam.   

The goal of the project was to restore ecological function to the existing streams by returning Chadric Creek to a free flowing natural state and modifying Saddle Mountain Creek to have proper dimensions and a bankfull bench. Chadric Creek was constructed as a type C4 stream and Saddle Mountain Creek was constructed as a type B4 stream. Chadric Creek has a drainage area of 0.94 square miles and was constructed with a bankfull width of 15 feet. Saddle Mountain Creek has a drainage area of 4.5 square miles and was constructed with a bankfull width of 25 feet. Installation of brush, rock and wood structures were used to enhance channel stability and increase habitat diversity. Restoration efforts also involved re-composition of the stream bed using native on-site bed material. Rosgen Toe-wood Structures were installed to demonstrate a natural material alternative to Lunker Structures.

The Chadric Creek Site was sponsored by Pilot View RC&D and funded by the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund. Wolf Creek Engineering teamed with Clear Creek Consulting to provide design and construction oversight for the restoration of 3,400 feet of streams. Construction was performed by North State Environmental, Inc. and was completed in 2011.

Before Restoration

During Construction