Dillsboro Dam Removal

Project History

The Dillsboro Dam Removal Site is located in Dillsboro in the western mountains of North Carolina. The Dillsboro Dam was first constructed in 1913 and then re-constructed in 1927. The dam height was approximately 15 feet and impounded one half of a mile of the Tuckasegee River. Duke Energy removed the dam for mitigation purposes as a part of their re-licensing of other facilities. Removal of the Dillsboro dam on the Tuckasegee River exposed approximately 4,000 feet of near vertical river banks that had been previously submerged by the normal backwater of the dam.

In conjunction with the removal of the dam, Wolf Creek Engineering provided design and construction oversight for bank stabilization along the Tuckasegee River.  The Tuckasegee, which is a cobble bed mountain river, has a drainage area of 347 square miles. Stabilization of the banks included re-shaping and re-vegetation along with construction of multi-vane boulder structures in the proximity of bedrock outcrops. Construction was completed in 2010.

Before Dam Removal

Dam Removal