holly grove

Project History

The Holly Grove Restoration Site is located in Guilford County northeast of Greensboro in the piedmont region of North Carolina. The entrenched streams were historically impacted by agricultural practices and livestock access.  Land use practices included maintenance and removal of riparian vegetation and relocating, dredging, and straightening of the streams. The restoration consisted of the main channel, Buckhorn Creek, six tributaries, one wetland area, and 42 acres of riparian buffers.

Buckhorn Creek is a moderately sloped stream in the Southern Outer Piedmont Ecoregion.  Numerous occurrences of bedrock outcrops and the presence of mature trees along some reaches of the stream required in-line restoration that minimized impact on vegetation and avoided bedrock encounters. The stream was constructed as a type B4c stream throughout most of the project length. Buckhorn Creek has a drainage area of 3.8 square miles and was constructed with a bankfull width of 24 feet and a width/depth ratio of 14. Installation of brush, rock and wood structures were used to enhance channel stability and increase habitat diversity.

The Holly Grove Restoration Site was developed as a full delivery mitigation site by Restoration Systems Inc. for the North Carolina Division of Mitigation Services. Wolf Creek Engineering provided design and construction oversight for the restoration of over 14,000 feet of streams and enhancement of over 5,500 feet of streams. Construction was performed by North State Environmental, Inc. and was completed in 2008.

Before Restoration

During Construction
5 years after restoration