morgan creek

Project History

The Morgan Creek Restoration Site is located in Haywood County near Fines Creek in the western mountains of North Carolina. The entrenched streams were severely impacted due to agricultural practices and cattle access resulting in bank erosion, poor habitat and poor water quality. The goal of the project was to restore ecological function to the existing streams and riparian wetlands by returning the Morgan Creek to a proper relationship with the valley bottom.

Morgan Creek is a steep mountain stream with slopes of 3% to 5%.  In order to accommodate the steep valley setting of the site, innovative run structures were designed to provide stable grade transitions and blend naturally with the landscape. Sod transplants were used to re-construct banks and provide immediate bank stability. The stream was constructed as a type B4 stream throughout most of the project length with the upper reach constructed as a type B4a stream. Morgan Creek has a drainage area of 0.7 square miles and was constructed with a bankfull width of 15 feet and a width/depth ratio of 16.

The Morgan Creek Site was developed as a full delivery mitigation site by Restoration Systems Inc. and American Wetlands Inc. for the North Carolina Division of Mitigation Services. The site has been the subject of several tours including the Rosgen Level I Course, the NCSU River Course classes, the UNCA Ecology Dept. and the Southeast Regional Stream Restoration Conference. Wolf Creek Engineering provided design and construction oversight for the restoration of 3,500 feet of streams and 1 acre of wetlands. Construction was performed by North State Environmental, Inc. and was completed in 2008.

After Restoration

Before Restoration

During Construction
4 years after restoration